Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Immaculate Conception?

Well, we all have to start somewhere…
Welcome to my new and improved BLOG. Yes – after weeks of procrastination, it’s finally time to release years of experience, perspective and ravings onto unsuspecting clients, partners and friends. And whilst a rather formal ‘Welcome’ blog seems a little, er, formal, to me, trust me when I say that this is as stuffy as we’re going to get.
The whole purpose of this blog is to explore the reasons why so much money is spent on B2B communications, when so little of seems to really succeed. Why now? – because, frankly, I can’t stand the waste. Especially when it’s simply borne out of a simple lack of understanding or habit – especially where film & video content is concerned. So let's instead make materials that at least have a position. That tastes of something? Anything.
Don’t get me wrong – full disclosure here – of course this blog is on our business website, but this business has a cause. Twist & Shout is on a crusade to create and promote exciting, intimate and effective communications to every business, even if we’re not the ones doing the work.
You see, when someone sticks their neck out, and takes a little risk, and wins big, that’s great news for all of us who are trying to move our industry on from the mid 80’s. And lets face it, if vivid, provocative, unusual solutions help the bottom line for you, then it helps the bottom line for us. Sweet.
So some examples of issues I’ll be smacking around the raquetball court of B2B marketing and communications are;
  • Intimacy through your language and ideas – how it helps build trusted relationships and why many big companies are bad at it.
  • Moving Media – why there are rarely ever brand guidelines for video (actually a good thing) – and what that tells us.
  • What Walt Disney can teach us about exhibitions and trade shows.
  • Finding the funny: how to use comedy in corporate communications
  • Why procurement is the opposite of creative.
  • Grow your own personality! How social media can get you up close and personal with your prospects.
  • How paranoia and fear ensures that robotic writing is alive and well in big business.
  • 5 tips to making a casestudy people will actually want to watch
  • What does “Viral” mean for B2B
So – we sincerely hope that you’ll stick with us while we’re finding our feet (any idea how hard it is to type with your feet…? This blog took three hours to write..). Oh - and don't forget to comment below!
If you’ve read this far, you’re already a fellow revolutionary. It’ll be worth it, I promise you, comrade…


  1. Hey Jim, Great going ..I am looking forward to the blog and your idea. Glad you got the lead out and are doing this..All the Best, Maura Murray

  2. Hey Jim, interesting stuff. This customer intimacy stuff has legs. Brian Birtles, Bluefish