Sunday, 15 January 2012

Flat 6? Well they got the flat part right...

Hello again – ready for a fantastic new web series to hit your laptops this week?

Well that’s a shame. Because there aren’t any.

OK – so that’s a little harsh, but I can’t help feeling just a bit disappointed at the release of the new BT web series / campaign called "Flat 6" -  The web drama/comedy series promoting BT's infinity service, in the wake of the “family” campaign. After its first day of launch (consider that it was massively advertised on the London travel network and at poster locations throughout the country) it had only 35 likes on Facebook. There was no hashtag on twitter, and comments on the videos were disabled on YouTube by 10am.  So what went wrong…?

Maybe they were subjected to that irresistible force “client intervention”, or perhaps they just missed the tone of it – on paper it looks OK – but just didn’t ring true when they shot it…it happens..even in the movies. The promise of the poster, sadly, wasn’t delivered upon, and we honestly hope that subsequent episodes pick up the pace somewhat.

Jordan Wilson also points out that the surrounding social media plan was virtually non-existent. and as such a wasted opportunity.

As I said – it’s a shame. Because if it had been brilliant (and it’s too late now – whatever happens we really don’t care, and we might not be watching anymore), more companies would have had just that little bit more confidence in commissioning web comedies and dramas to promote their products and services. As such, this adds to one more potential horror story they can quote when they are trying to decide where to spend their marketing budget.

Here's a quick rundown from PC world of all people, on web comedy. Not the best list, but it's a start.

Come on BT - you can do better than that.  Remember Beattie? At least she had a punchline...

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