Monday, 23 April 2012

Black Hat Does Employee Awareness

As I write this on the eve of Inosec Europe 2012, one of the largest events in the Information Security Calendar, I'm looking forward to seeing the annual dance between vendors and customers as they try to seduce companies into investing in the latest a greatest technological cyber-defence systems.

It's a fact , though, that most experts believe that the biggest threats come from inside the castle walls.  This - one of a series of little films we made at Black Hat Europe 2012, discusses how some companies might be failing in their duties when it comes to investing in communications.

For more examples of how some of the world's most famous brands have communicated this to their employees, visit, or for even more ideas, email us to apply for a personal login to our examples album.

By the way - don't worry B-Sides - I'll be sending you some fun stuff on your "eve", tomorrow night.

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