Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Life in an 80's Training Video

I've often wondered if the actors in those awful training videos ever stopped to question what they were saying or how they thought they might be received by the hoards of poor employees forced to sit through their sorry attempts at drama.

There's only one explanation.  Due to a massive solar flare in 1983, and a rift in the space-time continuum, some actors actually became their characters and for them - it was all totally real. Of course - Peter Weir got there first, but he never saw the potential in corporate video.  Notice the zoom out from the book at the start...I love that!

In a way, we had to go through this to really understand how far we were from actual entertainment.  But I what point did we think that corporate training videos were nothing to do with actual television.  Ricky Gervais definitely gets it, as in this clip from the (UK) Office and it was cool of Peter Purves to admit his epic contribution to the fakeness of it all.

Who remembers these...?  Any "real" examples out there?

The countdown continues to our Christmas Viral later today - AND our launch of our new series Restricted Intelligence, on 14th January.

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