Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Santa Gets Hacked - One Year Ago

This week sees us putting the finishing touches to this years Xmas viral video, promoting information security to the world at this special time.  It's been a scream. One year on - we see the after effects of a major global data breach on one of the worlds best loved institutions - Christmas.

There's been a major corporate reshuffle - and some very familiar faces find themselves in very different circumstances. Information security policies were upgraded, revamped and strengtheneded. But was this a step too far - should you really need passports to get in to see Santa at the Mall? Has big brother gone too far?

In case you missed it - or you'd like a refresher - here's episode 1 from Christmas 2011. 
Santa Gets Hacked.

Enjoy - and watch this space - Episode II - "Aftermath" gets aired this Thursday, 20th December, at 1200 (noon) Eastern Standard Time.

If you'd like to learn more about how we are going to change the world (at least in the awareness of information security among employees), check out our about-to-be-launched campaign in a box, "Restricted Intelligence".

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