Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Putting yourself out there

This week I had the fabulous thrill of performing in a short festival comedy show called "Lindsey & Jim are Married".  The reason I see fit to mention this on our official company blog (since when have we ever been seen the official anything?) was to illustrate a principle.

Someone once said that you should put yourself in harms way at least once a month (or do something that scares you every day...? - I can't remember which).

My comedy partner and I probably had a total of two days work on this project (not including nando's "workshopping" sessions).  We felt desperately under-rehearsed as we both live very busy lives, and walked onstage on Monday night with more than a little trepidation.

Thankfully - it went as well as we could have dreamed. Perhaps a bit unpolished here and there but awesome nonetheless. The audience seemed to enjoy it too.

The lesson I want you all to draw from this post, my little chausson's, is that you should do stuff. Anything. Put yourself out there. Seth says we should simply SHIP baby! And that what we did this week. It was a packed venue and we DID it. It felt great. I hope your life has something that you can feel that great about - honestly.

What have you done recently that scares you?

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