Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Playing it Straight

For the first time in a while I am directing grown up actors, in some grown up films, on grown up scripts. Quality straight acting is something I have always believed was necessary to get good comedy – and that good actors are essentially intelligent actors.

On this short series of films we’re making for a Los Angeles based customer, we wanted a simple recipe, but made with the finest of ingredients.  

The actors were playing reconstructed “real” events, so we needed absolute believability.

I am very happy to state that we absolutely nailed it. Their stories will really make the viewer feel something.  And isn’t that the point? If we can connect emotionally, we can cut through the noise and have a greater chance of changing perspectives and behavior.

We’re not allowed to name the client, but fair play to them for understanding the need for quality and authenticity on these beautiful looking little gems.  We're glad they appreciate the sheer rarity of this kind of talent. 

If you like excellent writing, drama and perfect performances, might I recommend the box set of Luther

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