Friday, 3 October 2014

WDS Blog Post #2 - Community Continued

Wow that was a big gap. I mean HUGE. Even for me. The last blog post I wrote was back in July. Embarrassingly, it was the first of a trilogy too.  Oops.

Moral?  Don’t start lists of things.  Just make it one thing. Do that. Then if another one happens after that – then great! But it’s still not a list, OK?

Anyway – we’re into a list – and I hope I can get the third one out before Christmas

 – but hey – there’s NO reason you should expect this, based on the last gap.  Anyhoo…

Community. Thinking back to WDS (WorldDomination Summit) the sense of community was palpable. Three thousand entrepreneurs in one room – wow!  The air was cracking with energy and expectation.  Another 2999 people like ME baby! Excellent. Like having the BEST family reunion EVER.

One thing I really learned was how giving a group of like-minded people can be. And the internet has made it easy to find our communities. At WDS there were a lot of unspoken rules. Not even rules – just assumptions. Everyone assumed that if you wanted or needed help, you’d get it.  So you did. Everyone assumed that you were who you said you were. A complete no-bullshit zone. No need to pretend – because wherever you were in the process of building your dream, someone was prepared to help and motivate you on to the next step.

So if there’s a takeaway for this (really really late) blog post it’s this:

Nurture and respect your community. Make sure you give as well as take, and be grateful that you live in a time where it’s possible to find a really, really specific community wrapped around what you are ALL about.


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