Friday, 10 March 2017

Do You Hear The People Sing?

May ‘68, revolutions, Jackson Pollock and Flash Mobs. When Our Glorious Leader Jim Shields became a TEDx speaker, he pulled out all the stops.

Jim has been a sought-after speaker for many years now. Whether it’s about our unique approach to B2B, comedy as the ultimate marketing tool, or his practical self-help book for creatives Three Guys Walk Into A Bar”, Jim can be found holding court at conferences and events on both sides of the Atlantic (and then he can be found holding court at bars, pubs and karaoke nights on both sides of the Atlantic).

Jim loves to share ideas. And when it comes to sharing ideas, there is perhaps no higher platform than to be able to take the stage at TEDx, following in the footsteps of Presidents, Nobel Prize Winners and Bono.

In October this year, TEDx brought a special event to the state-of-the-art Curve Theatre in Leicester. ‘Every Journey Matters’ featured a collection of talks about Leicester’s vibrant creative community, who are reaching out and changing the world from the LE1 postcode.

It was a packed house for Jim on the 26th October, all 500 seats at the Curve were filled.

Jim’s TED Talk was a passionate one, drawing on his own journey from a knock-about past in Salford to his accidental entry into the world of theatre, to where he stands today in the cultural hub of Leicester. But it was also a story about creative revolution, and how ideas can change the world.

Jim’s spoke about empowering creatives to recognise their tremendous worth, their ability to offer ideas and innovation to corporations, governments and non-profits. Jim spoke about how creatives need to encourage those around them, those they work with, to take risks and gamble on new ideas. By doing that, creatives can truly change the world.

We’ve all seen TED Talks before, we know how the end. The pleasant speaker thanks everyone for listening to their ideas, and then they leave the stage. If you thought the end of Jim Shield’s talk would be the same as everyone else, then clearly you don’t know Jim Shields!

There’s no way to explain it, this really has to be seen!

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