Monday, 12 September 2011

Ta Daaaaaa!

This is “Miss-Behave", a performer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival promoting her show (as is the tradition) out on the streets of the city so she can put on a show to a respectably-sized audience.  No point in those months of rehearsal, writing, agonising, showcasing, and designing only to open the curtains and find a homeless person trying to stay dry.

So – your point, Jim? Following on from last week’s take on quality control in B2B communications, I wanted to talk about what happens sometimes when we get it right – but we forget to tell anyone. 

Every time we make a short film for business, there should be some kind of campaign behind it, however limited. Any plan is usually better than not realising you need a plan, right?

So – when you decide that the only way your story can be told with the subtlety, drama, power, succinctness and clarity it deserves is via a video, PLEASE take the time to work out how the hell people are supposed to know it’s there when it’s finished.


I’ve said it out loud and I feel better now.

  • Promote it to a specific group of customers / employees
  • Share it with peers and associations
  • Get that social media machine up and running baby!
  • A landing page to deal with the MILLIONS of hits your successful campaign will no doubt deliver (well, shoot for the stars and all that, right?)
  • Make a podcast from the offcuts
  • Send a postcard to 20 key targets / influencers

Anything. Something.   Just don’t let all our hard work languish on a server somewhere, or an unpromoted YouTube channel.  Get out there and show that s**t off you great big gorgeous marketing and internal comms professional you…

Next week I’ll explain how...

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