Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pick Two

First - let me apologise to those clients who already know this principle. I mean - it seems like you don't. But I'm sure many of you must. So If I am patronising you I apologise. It's just that, well, some of you seem like you don't. That's all.

So - Pick two? Well, as many of you know you have three factors in any project:

Cost, Time and Quality.  So pick two.  It can be cheap - but it'll take time to make it good.You can have it tomorrow - but it'll be expensive to make it good by tomorrow

You can have it poorly made or ineffective (who would want that?) - then it'll be cheap and quick.  So given the fact that almost nobody would want option 3 - why are so many projects pinched for time AND money.  

Sometimes we start to do too many of those jobs and wonder if it's worth it. Everyone says they get it, but it still happens. What's with that?  Eventually - something's got to give.

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