Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We Have a Winner!

A week ago I asked you to vote on one of three creative treatments. And you did! So now we have a winner. Paul Savage, one of our writers room members, created this funny take on office communications.  We'll be scheduling casting and shooting after Easter.  Thanks to everyone who created the treatments  - and who voted.

The Dictator. A 90 second viral

Interior: office kitchen. Two office workers, Steve and his middle manager Alan, are discussing a project they need to finish by the end of the week. Steve is finishing making a cup of tea; he fishes out the tea bag with a spoon, leaves it on the draining board and walks off. Alan is silently furious.
Next scene, a handwritten sign saying “Do not leave your teabags on the sink”.

Next scene, there are communist Russia style propaganda posters “For benefit of Glorious Office, All dedicated workers must perform disposal of bourgeois Teabag” with a picture of a proud person binning a teabag.

Next scene, a camera has been set up and is pointing at the sink. A sign saying “we are watching your teabag disposal”.

Next scene: Alan dressed in a Russian style uniform, is decrying people who leave their teabags out as “running dogs” and such over the office tannoy, as the Russian national anthem plays.

Next Scene: Dave, the manager, comes round to see how the project they were working on is coming. Alan hasn’t done any work all week because of the teabag situation. When Dave wants to know where Steve is, Alan claims he never existed. Finally Alan admits that he had all of his writings burned and Steve was banished to a gulag under the stairs where they keep photocopier paper. We see a shirtless and dishevelled Steve twitching at noises.

Then we rewind to the start. Steve puts his teabag on the draining board. Alan asks him if he could put it in the bin. Steve says he leaves them for Wendy who wants them as compost for her garden.

Black background, white letters: For prosperity of glorious business, make efficient communicating priority number one. Then that is scratched out and written underneath: Communicate Better. Twist and Shout

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