Sunday, 11 March 2012

You decide! Vote for our next viral short film

Our latest shoot has only just finished, but already we're looking ahead.

We can't always share the work we do for our clients, so from time to time we make our own short films - usually to prove a point. And given the success of our last effort "Santa Gets Hacked" at Christmas we wanted to involve you all even earlier this time and give you the chance to pick the next short film we'll be making.  The ideas are a result of our regular writers room sessions, bringing together some of our most talented comedy and ideas talent. These guys (and girls) live and breathe comedy - writing and performing every week in front of some of the toughest rooms going.

So here we are presenting three ideas - just pick the one you'd like to see get made. The theme is "Internal Communications failure". 

Here are the rules; You only get one vote, and we'll close the voting at midnight GMT the night of Sunday 18th March. You won't be able to see the results just yet, we'll announce the winner in a blog post on the 19th March.

Stephen is brought in to present this quarter's earnings to the board of the company ... through the medium of interpretive dance.

The CEO’s daughter has been kidnapped. The FBI arrive at the house, ready to trace the ransom call. When it comes, it’s not what they expect...
The Dictatorship
Posters start appearing around the office, then cameras, then soldiers... And all because the teabags aren't being disposed of properly.

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