Sunday, 4 March 2012

Shoot Week Round up - A Shaggy Dog Story

Yes – I admit it – the sheer ground rush of this weeks crescendo has meant that I’ve had to cram the last two days into one blog post.

 Friday was exciting. Despite the crew being seasoned professionals and fully paid up members of the “been there-done that” club, they were still acting like children when a dog gets into the playground at school. I mean – it’s a big event, right? Everyone runs after the dog, and there’s usually someone who proclaims themselves the Dog Expert. Why? Because we actually did have dog on set. I think that this is only the second time in 22 years that we’ve featured a dog in one of our films.

Anyway – he behaved with a lot of class (even if our “big moment” needed a take two – I think we got off lightly). In the end, everyone performed perfectly – it’s amazing what some cooked sausages can do as an incentive. The dog was pretty good too (bah-dum – tish….). Saturday we were in an industrial environment – the scene was very West Wing with Steadicam and walking-talking shots moving the action along apace. Thanks to Matt & Rob (consummate professionals), and more especially, the guys on the factory floor who let us drag them into the scene at a moments notice.

All in all, a fantastic week. Thanks you to everyone. Talent, Crew, Clients – with your help, we have created a monster.

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