Thursday, 1 March 2012

Shoot Week Day 3 - A Quiet Thing

As we go into overdrive on the week's shooting for a "Major Global Brand", we are settling nicely into our stride. That point at which the aircraft has reached it's cruising altitude, and you hear the engines change pitch to a quieter, more confident drone - when you can finally hear yourself think.

This became apparent as we shot the punchline to one of our episodes today.  The small, delicate performances (a reason they were cast) were actually far funnier than any end of pier drum paradiddle gag.  When we are engaged, we can turn the volume down. We lean in and listen, like a great teacher who doesn't need to shout, but merely waits for the class to notice her steely gaze.

At times like these (because they don't happen often, by definition) you need everyone on point. Crew as invisible as ever, talent focused and relaxed. If we're lucky, we catch that fleeting moment. The look. The grin. The internal pain - whatever. Easy Grandma - this is supposed to be a corporate video, right?

This kind of connection is rare in corporate communications. Almost non existent, I would say. In fact, the only business communication that gets this kind of attention normally has the words "Bonus" or "Redundancy".  Really? Is that what we are reduced to? I mean we can't all wield scalpels - but with lump-hammers like these two, is it any wonder we struggle to speak to our employees?
I'd like to suggest that there are many,  more subtle sounds we can make inbetween these extremes on the frequency spectrum.

And in a room full of people shouting, you notice the one sitting still, being quiet.


  1. Jim, on behalf of your lovely clients, (who do wonder if you're not having far too much fun ;-) it's almost painful reading your posts and not being there to see the magic happening. But know that we're behind you every step of the way and that we can't wait to see the finished result! There's a new wave of corporate communication coming our way - and boy, aren't they going to be surprised!

  2. What a beautiful girl.