Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Shoot Week Day 2 - Subtle Hints

Today was a day of meetings. Well - actually - recreating meetings. So they were fake.  But what wasn't fake was the enthusiasm with which our clients "extras" embraced, for one day, the acting world.

Considering they had just been briefed to turn up and fill seats, it was impressive how many of them could actually act. I mean - we've seen weaker auditions from professionals.

OK - so perhaps "being bored to death during a meeting" could be something on which they could draw as a life experience (who couldn't), but even so - they were completely believable.  There were more laughs today too, and an absolute tour-de-force from Becca (left) our female star, who had the mother of all password-crunching speeches to remember.

Funny, charming, and a nice line in cardboard-based couture...

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