Friday, 1 June 2012

Help – we need a hero!

We are making a short film next week in Central London – it’s all about the way the city will be bracing itself for the massive influx of people during the Olympics, as well as the way new technology can support the demand on mobile data communications during times of fluctuation like these.  We need to talk to someone who is in buildings management, planning or a related area so we can make them an urgent offer.  We’d like to make them a short film for free.

Obviously – we need to film them to make OUR video project work – but as a thank you they or their firm will get a short promotional film about the work they do. This might suit a planning consultant, a property developer, or a person working with local authorities.

This is an urgent request due to a change in circumstances for the person we had lined up. Not their fault – but one of those things.

If you know anyone (preferably a small firm, or a consultant - even the editor of a ”Buildings’ Management Magazine" would be good). 

We’d need you for the latter half of Weds or Thursday next week – possibly into the evening a little too.  Whatever you could give us.

If you could help us out – it might be a chance to get something very useful for your business in return for saving our bacon.

If you can help - or know anyone who can - please call our offices (time is of the essence here  - so now is good) on 0844 335 6715, or text me on +44 7976 270095 if it's out of hours.

Thank you!

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