Monday, 15 October 2012

Walk This Way

Hunter Walk, head of product management at YouTube, is speaking at the Broadband World Forum this week. He’s interviewed here.

He describes YouTube as ‘the global living room’ – niche ideas and content can now reach millions. “YouTube is uniquely able to connect you to videos you care about.”

YouTube is just a big, open-access telly. It’s only as good as the content on it. Just because you’ve got a million channels doesn’t mean you’ve got good telly. As Bruce Springsteen said, “57 channels and nothing on.”

It’s great that YouTube has, as a platform, made the content accessible. Hunter quite rightly states that content isn’t their business. His line about videos that people “care about” is the pertinent one. You may have uploaded a film that’s chock full of facts, ideas and beautifully created graphics but if there is no emotional content and the viewer – wherever they are – can’t relate to it and connect with it, then nobody will want to watch it.

YouTube may have changed the way we market, but the way we live remains the same. People care about things that touch them emotionally, whether that’s in the living room, the dining room or the bedroom.

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