Tuesday, 5 March 2013

What the world needs now…

Awoken by a headache I take some pills and distract myself from the ache with a trawl through my social media feeds.  I love that when I do this there is almost always gold there. Partly because I have so many creative and connected friends, and partly because of our American friends who have been up for an extra 6 hours or so sharing stuff while I’ve been sleeping.


If more of the people I work for understood only 5% of the intimate connection that Amanda Palmer is talking about in this TED talk, then my job would be a lot easier as I persuade them that their audience is not a group of people who are to be treated with suspicion, or patronised, or feared.  They are just people.  Give them some credit.  This usually happens when we want to try to make them laugh. Our clients wonder if someone will be offended.  We've NEVER met anyone in any business that has been honestly offended - they are always talking about that other nameless generic employee that might complain about something of other.  

To them I say PLEASE stop covering your ass, and for Pete's sake grow a pair. 

When people understand your good intent, they assume you didn't want to upset them even if you make a mistake. So make sure your audience understands your intent. The best way to do this is to be honest and communicate like a human being. Intimacy is the key to doing this if it's been a long time since you made an honest connection.

The process of finding our way back to intimacy with our fellow humans has started. Social Media – where the hell have you been. We’ve missed you.

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