Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Where’s the STORY?

18 months ago I write a slightly brusque post about how to get the best in a client (video) testimonial situation. My experience was that the people asking for a short video of a customer were driven by the logistics of the situation – rather then the outcome. They were bothered more about what time we could get there, how quickly we could set up, who would be there to chaperone us with the client, what the equipment would entail – those sorts of thing.  These things do not happen often, after all..

But what about the story?
The objectives of the session SHOULD be to create a compelling piece of film that intimately explains why this customer uses your services and products. The purpose of this is to support other sales pitches in the future. The use of the word intimate is deliberate, as that will get you the credibility it needs and stop it looking overtly scripted.  We tend to forget that part. I’d like to approach it as if we are making an award wining piece of journalism – a story where a crisis was averted through innovative design – or something like that.


1.              Ask open, relevant questions
2.              Connect with the problem being solved
3.             Don’t “carpetbomb”. Only ask specific questions relating to the agreed STORY
4.          Get B roll - nice situational imagery that relates to the story, or the metaphor of   the story.  Here's a nice example.

This will make the footage easier and quicker to edit, instead of buying everything in the store THEN deciding what to have for dinner.  Don’t write the story in front of the customer.

Start with why. Then state what you want the story to be about, and create questions that favour that story.


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