Friday, 11 October 2013

B2B Marketing Award is Out of This World

We love it when our clients win awards - especially when we have had the pleasure of creating the award-winning project.

You may have heard of Marketing Profs, a global marketing organization that provides training support and thought leadership for marketers in any business, all over the world.

Every year they run awards for the very best in B2B marketing, and this week, we are proud to announce that our campaign films for Tripwire, won best B2B creative, in a hotly contested category, celebrated in Boston last night.

Congratulations  to our lovely clients – well deserved of course! 
We hope they raise a glass of champers or two from us.  Here’s just one of the series we created for them working with our team in Dallas, written and produced by the irrepressible Robert McCollum.

The key thing with this campaign is that there is no mention of the details of the solution that they are promoting, just the benefits, and a story around those at that.  True entertainment-based marketing, without the complexity.

If you're fed up of leading with a 500-slide powerpoint, let us know and we'll do our best to present the simpler option.


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