Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sexiest In-Flight Safety Film EVER

This week I was thrilled to find that someone had finally fixed a particle bugbear of mine. It always astonished me that airline safety videos were so dull and tiresome, and that passengers ignored them so routinely. It was as if everyone knew that they were pointless but nobody knew what to do about them. 

Now I am not saying that there haven't been valiant attempts to fix this. A particularly memorable trick by New Zealand Airlines made me smile (no - not the crappy middle earth one). And a great idea to use kids used the cute factor printed by Thompson Airways in 2009.

Now i have often said that I hate it when people try to create a pop song (Blackberry Developer video anyone) or worse still, a rap (Pier One Imports customer care video - yes - you…) but it seems that it took the world's best loved brand to do it properly. I personally am very pleased they it was Virgin America who decided that enough was enough, and did it for real. Properly. They thought "Go Big or Go Home".  So get a coffee, go full screen and enjoy the world's best ever Airline Safety video.

Production values matter y'all. 

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