Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Guys in the Cardigans

One of our customers have won something like 12 Nobel Prizes. And they seem to be keeping it a secret.

Is it OK to be the guy in the cardigan…?
Only if you rock the world of the cardigan. Let me explain…

We love experts. In life, in fiction - those people who have "a particular set of skills"…like in the bodyguard, or the movie "Taken" or The Mentalist, or an ace hacker, or anyone, really, who can do that thing no-one else can.  Which is why when it comes to being the guys in the cardigans, it's probably okay that they have little style, or social confidence.

You guys know stuff. The problem is - you are not experts in presenting yourselves to the world (hence the cardigan). Which is why you need experts of another type. For example - look at BOSE. They are the tech head audiophiles sound products of choice. Super high quality, engineered to within a micron of what's reasonable, beautiful audio products. BUT - when it comes to their product videos, they look like they've been made by your Nan.  The are super sickly sweet, safe, and chock full of tech speak (though even tech heads buy a marketing dream for themselves sometimes. 

In a way - it's okay though - because I know exactly why i am buying the new Bose Sound Dock Mini (oh yeah…consumer tech porn baby…read it and weep lads..). I already know who they are. The guys in the cardigans.

What if your target audience are not exactly sure of why they should buy you? What if it's not the right reason? Cost?  - Lets hope not - we don't want to be all commoditised now do we? We want to be bought because we are the best at what we do. 

So, Be the guys in cardigans - but make sure the world knows why. 

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  1. Love the links to Taken and the Mentalist! :)