Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Quietly Rolling Along

So here we are - I am on a train (the second of the day and it's only 9.30 am -how can this be? I tell you in a bit).  I like trains because I can write stuff and think without too much distraction. So I want to write now about the imprtance of quiet time. It's as important as stimulation. Yes - the right kind of stimulation is important of course.  

As creatives we need to be challenged regularly or we get bored, and to experience things outside our comfort zones.  You need to feed your creative beast, as it were.

It is for this reason I started a scheme where I will pay for tickets to events / films / shows / happenings / exhibitions etc that my team want to see. The qualifier?  IT'S GOT TO BE UNUSUAL IN SOME WAY.

However,  without quiet time, when can you make sense of the tons of input you've had from all therse experiences and inspirations?  If you want to make better stories, arguements or ideas, schedule in some quiet time. OR make better use of the downtime you have as a natural part of being a business traveller. I say business traveller because if you are one of the many troubador poets and comedians that read this, you will already have this time available to you as part of your bohemian lifestyle, denied to us "Normal" business entreprenurs and workers.

Normal people can be creative and apply this creativity to solve many of the very tough and nuanced issues in our lives, but only if we give it some respect. Quiet time is the way to respect our thinking. Do it. It works.

Next time you are waiting in a reception area, close your eyes and think about the last time you were surprised. When you are on a  train, think about the last time you were inspired, or educated. Just think.  I bet this little mediation will end with you scrabbling for a pen to write an idea or connection down somewhere so you don't forget it.

On a practical note, might I recommend Evernote as a great way to collate these ideas and moments. It's a cloud thing so you can't lose it. Very good for the ADHD among us. 

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