Monday, 9 June 2014

All you need is love

In a recent blog post by the corporate video arm of ITN (UK News Network), Charlotte De Maria, (Account Manager at ITN Productions)  delivers 6 top tips informing B2B marketers how to make video more engaging using B2C video techniques. Whilst this is excellent advice, I can't help thinking that this is somewhat old news. 

Having said that, I guess that all marketing departments and professionals are on a curve, with early adopters already enjoying things like the DSLR revolution (a way to get that cinematic look at low cost), and realising that it's ideas, not information, that get the most attention.

This is all about falling in love. Really.  With corporate videos (and that term right there will kill any embers of an emotional engagement!) there's often lots of information - there might even be a story. But where is the love?

The most important thing is to let marketers realise that they need to find good partners to work with (this kind of production is a specialty after all) and TRUST THEM. Then look at objectives. 

For example: If you are a temp agency, the objective is not to make a video. The objective is to place more temps at a lower cost of sale. Too many marcomms people think that the act of making the video is the objective. Like you can just assume it'll do some good.

Whatever your thoughts on video - we are here to solve a business problem. And video (I like to still call it film - it's more storytelling-friendly) is better at presenting the emotional story rather then the information surrounding the argument for the sale.

My advice? Get them to fall in love first. 

Then add information until the prospect has nowhere to go but towards you. Do NOT lead with complexity.

We just do not have the time to engage with such detail until we've fallen for you.

If I love you, every little thing you do is magic

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