Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Corporate Branding Videos - Don't you just love them?

I love that a firm who sells generic stock photos should create a parody of the type of video for which their footage is often used in the first place.

This is brave marketing. I suspect that what they are really saying, is that you, Mr Stock Footage Customer, should try to think of more original ways to use our stuff.

But for some - that will be a leap. And we just ridiculed them (with good cause I might add).

So by doing this, we may well be saying that we really want the right kind of customers. The cool guys pay the same as the squares, but we want the cool guys. I wonder why it matters?

The film is here. Enjoy!



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  5. It's good that they have a sense of humour. Companies that are serious about presenting a unique brand to the world are better off investing in photos that accurately portray their own team. Seeing the same image used repeatedly to represent business managers, IT experts and even exterminators doesn't increase consumer confidence. Originality with using photos of any kind makes a difference.

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