Sunday, 27 November 2011

Cynical Guy – a new breed of anti hero

OK – so now we get to meet these types one by one. Starting with Cynical Guy. Cynicism - a creativity killer if ever there was one.  This guy not only blights his own career, but he sucks the life out of any new endeavour.
He snorts at the creativity of new ideas (“It’ll never work…they tried that a few years ago…”)  and he always comes up with “why it won’t” rather than “why it will”.  There’s a very good chance he’s never initiated anything in his life, and hasn’t achieved much. So don’t give him much space, as he has absolutely no credibility in the world you’re building.

Weaknesses?  Common sense.  Curiosity. Enthusiasm. Together, these are his Kryptonite.
If you haven't seen him at work - check out the League of Anti Heroes...

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